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Away till 3rd July.

Just to let you know that we’re heading off in the van tomorrow for the long trip up to Scotland. We’ll be back on the 3rd July. We’ll no doubt get a chance to check the internet here and there, but won’t get a proper chance to reply to emails until we’re back home.The trips are creeping up, so we hope everyone is getting plenty of riding miles in as the days get longer (-:


It’s been a busy one…


The last couple of weeks seem to have been really hectic ones, in the run-up to our season in India. We’ve been working away to get all our work done before we head out to Delhi on the 17th July. Cara’s been putting together two women’s ‘supplements’ for Cycling Plus, which has meant almost as many hours in front of a computer screen as test miles on fancy ti and carbon dream machines, like the Titus Estrella (lucky her!).


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We’re in the midst of a nose-down-to-the-grindstone situation with work, but I couldn’t resist quickly posting this link to a fantastic, refreshing CTC trailer that’s apparently being shown at the cinema:

Please check out our main website for details on our bike trips to the Indian Himalayas.

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