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Cog and Embrocation


I’ve long harboured a desire to start up a small scale touring magazine, concentrating on soulful stories backed with sumptuous pictures. Interviews with individuals who’ve undertaken epic journeys. Reportages on businesses, like framebuilders, involved in the touring world (who often do things for love rather than money). Real world product testing, whether it be in the Scottish Highlands, the Mongolian plains or the Atacama Desert. Yes, I know it’s very niche and not economically viable, but it doesn’t stop me wishing…

Anyway, while I was in Portland at the North American Handbuilt Bike Show, I came across a couple of small scale publications bucking the trend of commercial convention. I was drawn to these magazines both by their photography and the passion behind their words. Although their heart beats to a different biking rhythm than the one I know, they’re inspiring enough to make me want to experience it through their pages, and share in their biking obsession. Track and Fixed, in the case of Cog, and Cyclocross, in the case of Embrocation.

Neither are currently available in the UK – more’s the pity – but if you drop them an email, I’m sure you can get a copy sent. Or maybe you know some shops who would like to stock them? I like to get my hands on all the bike magazines I can, but putting my money towards these small, soulful publications gives me the most pleasure.

From the pages of Embrocation…


Lovely cyclocross -inspired pictures.


A piece on framebuilder Chris Igleheart, who I was fortunate enough to meet.

And from the pages of Cog…


An interview with framebuilder John Kendziera.


A photo essay on Japanese Keirin racing.


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