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The Depths of Winter


It’s in the depths of winter, when cars splash by and rain pounds hard on the pavement outside, that travel plans are born. I console myself with fettling with bicycles in the Luxury Shed, scheming new touring ideas, new bike setups.

2006 was a really good season and there’s already been a lot of interest for 2007. We’ve had several enquiries about tours beyond India, so we’re going to try and expand things a little over the next year. An excuse to head and explore a few other spots that captured my imagination when I rode from Sydney to London back in 1998-2000. It’s not going to mean a brochure of exotic destinations around the world, but a couple more wild, beautiful places that are wonderful to ride.

In the meantime, Cara’s back in America engrossed in an Emergency Wilderness Technician course (US-speak for paramedic specialising in the outdoors), so she can patch things together in the back of beyond. I’m trying to get out and mountain bike as much as possible in Wales, Exmoor and the Quantocks, all within striking distance of our base in Bristol.

We’d like to get a reunion ride together too, maybe a weekend in the Brecons, or an enduro like a Merida or the Howies Dyfi Enduro, which we rode last year and was simply superb. Let us know what you think. We’re in touch with a lot of people who’ve come on the trips (I’m not too keen on the word *clients*), which has been a good excuse to visit and discover some more great places to ride (-: Updating the website is also on the to-do list, including getting some video footage up from the last couple of years and posting some new pictures. Plans, plans, keep the world going round…


I think it’s time to explore (-:


Viva Mexico!

We’re off to Mexico!

Well, at Christmas at least. Hiram, who was on our Manali-Leh tour, has invited us to his hometown of La Paz, Baja California. He’s promised to show us his favourite local trails and beaches; a blend of sea kayaking, kite-surfing, island camping, mountain biking… Bliss. Then we’ll head over to the mtb-mecca of Copper Canyon, in the Sierra Madre mountain range. Apparently it’s deeper than the Grand Canyon, and more than four times its size. What’s more, it’s in the coolest named state in Mexico: Chihuahua. Maybe I’ll find my pooch there!

Here’s Hiram in India, proudly clad in his country’s colours.

Proud Senor Hiram

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