Welcome to out there biking: the blog, which is designed to go side by side with our website, www.out-there-biking.com. We’re a small, independent bike touring business specialising in adventurous, low impact trips to the Indian Himalayas. The blog is a chance to air ideas, talk about new destinations and get some feedback on itineraries we’re considering.

But… as we’re both very much into the broader world of bikes and travel, no doubt a lot of other related stuff will creep into these posts too.

It seems to be quite easy to get lost around blogs as stuff gets filed and forgotten. Look under Categories on the right hand side, which should make life a bit easier. Any tours to do with the 2008 season are tucked away, as you might expect, in Out There Biking 2008.


Please check out our main website for details on our bike trips to the Indian Himalayas.

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