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It’s begun!

After an eventful (and long…) bus journey to Manali, thanks to two landslides on the HP border, we’re setting off on the Manali to Leh ride this morning. We probably won’t be be able to check email until we reach Leh in two weeks, so hopefully all is good with those heading out to Spiti!

See you soon,

Cass and Cara.


Back in India…

Well, despite the innevitable last minute, late night packing/working/house tidying/general fretting, we’ve now back in India for the summer season.

I’ve headed up to Ladakh in the far north, gasping for breath as I check over some of the new high passes on our alternative Manali-Leh route. And Cara’s re riding the Sach Pass route, toiling with landslides and fighting off drunken amorous locals…. Ah, to be back in India.

If you need to get in touch with us, we’re checking emails when we can – but things can be a bit patchy. Here’s all our contact details: and

mobile: 09958 366 532 (in Delhi) or 981 621 0998 (Manali)

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Please check out our main website for details on our bike trips to the Indian Himalayas.

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