Bike School

Tris, Hat, Katie and Jack went to bike school today. Mike from Planet X came over to give them the lowdown on all-things-bike-maintenance, from tweaking gears to greasing bottom brackets, replacing bearings and installing headsets. It was good to see the workshop filled with bikes and stands, to the sound of whirring wheels and (ever smoother) gear shifting.

Interested in learning more about bike maintenance from the comfort of your own home/shed/garage? Get in touch with Mike (mike@planet-x-bikesDOTcom), whose well versed with teaching all levels. If you recognise him, it’s probably because he’s the man who gets stranded, mud-clumped bikes back on the trail at the Merida Marathon series, as well as working for DT Swiss at the World Championships, building wheels for the Atherton clan amongst others. So yes, he knows his stuff.


The Luxury Workshop had never looked so good. The Paduans were working hard – you could almost feel their brains heating up the cold, wintry room.


Kate gives the Stumpjumper some TLCC – Tender Loving Cable Care. Maybe Jack will now let her look after her own bike (-;


Demystifying the art of the ‘Gear Fettle’.


Half a turn here… Easy now…


The Midas Touch – lining up the rear mech for blissfully crisp gear shifting.


Hat didn’t look entirely convinced – still, plenty of time to hone fettling technique for the planned Great Divide Ride this autumn.


Tools of the trade. Mike brought workstands, a wheel truing stand and a lovely set of Park Tools, laid out like a surgery table.


And this Park Tools travelling rucksack. How cool is that. I want one!


Tris was in the zone. Then a couple of spokes snapped… Time for a visit to the wheel stand.


It was a good excuse for Jack to don his Pedros wardrobe. After all, Pedros cap=Jack the Mechanic. Using some classic Hope hubs he’d been guarding for a special occasion, the wheel came together very nicely. Good paduan.


Thirty two bits of wire and a hoop later, and the wheel was ready for de-stressing.


Tea Lady Tris keeps the brews coming between repacking bearings.


Groovy Chicks get their hands greasy.


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  1. 2 Old Ole ship Wordpress February 4, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Open Tag Directory: Bearings
    Bike School (1 Citations)

    I guess I left an open tag (above)
    Wil Post a link bag from your Main Page

  2. 3 Wow February 5, 2008 at 11:48 pm

    Hi nice to meet you
    I’m Korean rider, I just start ride MTB because of that I searching the imformation about this
    As you know this is power of internet! even I stay in Korea, I can find your nice jouney imformation and your nice bike stuff!

    My english is not enought but I try to visit here to get the good imformation~ ^^

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