Just another Monday night in Totterdown…


It was all happening in Totterdown on Monday. I was awoken by Hat, one of my housemates, calling out: “I think you might want to move your van, the car next to it is on fire!” And it so was. Some joyriders had dumped a Corsa outside the gates to the cemetery, and it was roaring away like a well-stoked bonfire, pumping a spiral of smoke into the night. In fact, I need to move my mum’s car pretty sharpish too as it was also close by. I could feel the heat from inside her Peugeot, and while I fumbled with gear shifter to get it into reverse, a couple of the Corsa’s windows shattered. The air stunk with the smell of melting plastic.

The firebrigade soon came and hosed it it down nonchalantly, and left saying,”Off to the next one now!” with a friendly fireman’s chuckle.

Oh, to live in the city…



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