Mac – Take 2

So what was supposed to be our epic, low carbon journey from Bristol to the Dyfi Enduro turned out a little different. First, we were running late with work, cutting the trip down by a day – so we hopped on the train to Abergavenny. Then, while we out minding our own business, having a great day toiling with trailers up and down the Brecon Beacons, my freehub body broke. A freak manufacturing defect, it seems. The thread, into which the locking plate screws to hold the cassette in place, literally snapped off. Hm. Then, as a result of the cassette bouncing around, the mech hanger somehow twisted. Cue jumping, skipping gears and a train home )-:

So, tomorrow, we’re catching a lift with Sarah and Simon. We should be in Mac in time to fit the new hanger (thanks Brant for posting it), before catching a ride in the afternoon and meeting up with some OTB folks in the evening. Seeing as we were robbed of our hard graft, we plan to get a good day’s riding on Sunday’s Enduro, and sneak in an early morning spin on Monday morning.

Just to prove that at least we tried, here’s some pics…


This was supposed to be tarmac back road. So either our map reading skills were out, or (more likely) it had got a little overgrown…


The bridleways were great – and reminded us what superb riding there is in S Wales. A mixture of skinny, grassy singletrack and rocky, rooty trails. Through the trees and out onto the open moorland.


We brought our trailers, and packed a light tent, mat, sleeping bags and the basics. About 8kg each, plus a small backpack.


We skirted round Sugar Loaf. Up, down, and up, down again.


It was hot, so Cara brought out the big guns.


3 days of this would have been lovely.


But we were working too. Honest… I was testing out this Polish Extrawheel. Initial impressions? A bit homemade in the finish department, but great performance off road. Unlike a smaller wheel trailer, like the BOB, the big wheel rolls over roots and fills bigger holes, rather than hooking up over them and pulling you back. It also acts as a dampener, so less kangaroo action, and the trailer has a much tighter turning circle. And seeing as it uses a 26in or 700c wheel, you’re effectively carrying some spare parts too. Packing and loading it is a bit of pain though, and is going to take some technique and practise. Suitably, I attached it to my newly purchased Scandal 29er frame, as I wanted something light, fun and fast for the Enduro.

I had a minimal Black Diamond Mega Light tarp attached to the front handlebars – a touch over a kilo, and sleeps 3-4 people. A little weight up front helps stabilise the steering when all the load is at the back.

Ooh. And the new Halo 29er Twin Rail tyres are pretty cool too, for dry conditions at least. Run them at up to 80 psi for fast, quiet road work, and half that for rocky singletrack and grassy shutes.


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