The girl’s got Soul…


I’ve been going on enough about 29ers these days, so it’s about time we blogged Cara’s new wheels. As much as she enjoys her Thorn Catalyst (her touring weapon of choice the last couple of years), it’s a bit porky (with its Rohloff Speedhub and heavy duty frame) for out-and-out-mtb-thrills in our local woods. So it was time to usher in a new ride for summer fun-ness: a Cotic Soul.


It’s a lovely looking creature. Reynolds 853 main triangle, bags of clearance for fat tyres, provision for a 100-130mm fork; all for a mere 4lbs or so in frame weight. Seeing as it looked so pretty (and all), we thought we’d treat it to a splash of colour co-ordination. Thanks to Ben at ‘Bike‘ in Bristol for helping source some lovely, shiny blue parts, right down to the ODI grip collars. Now that’s attention to detail (-:


But the Soul’s not just about looks. It rides great too. Cara’s found 120mm spot on for general hooning, cranking it up to its full 130mm of squish for steep, rocky descents. This slackens off the headangle a touch, giving it a more stable stance. Should a long climb rears its head, time to squeeze that leggy fork down to 100mm, and keep that nose to the ground. Cara’s light on her toes (and tyres) so we specced some suitably light wheels, which helps keep things nippy round Bristolian singletrack – unusually tight and rooty riding. It’s proved the perfect all rounder. The Soul tears up climbs but doesn’t get left in the dust on descents. ‘Playful’ is the word Cara always uses to describe it.


With its 100-130mm travel, the ridiculously white Revelation is the business. But not ridiculously expensive.


Long fork + small frame + big tyres = kickass profile.

Weight’s a very reasonable 25.5lbs, considering we didn’t go crazy on the parts (just the colours). That’s XT pretty much all over, Hope Minis for braking duties (180mm up front for sheer attitude), Rock Shox Revelation 100-130mm air fork, Hope Pro IIs & Mavic 717s hoops, with Schwalbe Smart Sam 2.2in rollers. Other shiny bits include a Salsa seat clamp, an On One seat post and to top it all off, a matching white WTB Deva saddle. Ooh la la!


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