Overnighter to Cornwall

img_3379.jpgOvernighters are a great way to get away on tour if you’re short on time. Pack light, strike off in a direction, ride for a couple of days and catch the train home. If you book your return ticket in advance through thetrainline.com you can pick up some good deals too. With a light touring bike test for Cycling Plus to write up, and a whole load of summer kit to try out, we didn’t need much excuse to set our sights on the Cornish Coast…Day 1: Bristol to Exford, via Cheddar and the Quantocks. About 80 miles or so.Day 2: Exford to Bodmin. About 100 miles or so.We were planning on riding the whole way to Liv’s new cottage in Helston, but to be honest, the A39 wasn’t doing much for us. With fast traffic and a heavy mist to contend with, we peeled off towards Bodmin and picked up the train. Much better. After all, touring is about enjoying yourself, right?img_3235.jpgA light touring bikes test – the perfect excuse for an overnighter to the Cornwall.img_3219.jpgWe stopped off at Howard’s to enjoy his fine hospitality in Exmoor. This is his wonky barn. It reminds me of the house in Big Fish that the friendly giant props up.img_3259.jpgAfter some wine, a hearty plate of delicious salmon pastry things and a restful night’s sleep at Liv’s cottage (friends, heh), we had time to walk the dogs before our afternoon train.img_3339.jpgIt was one of those perfect Cornish squawly days. Rainshowers swept in, mopping up the sky…img_3370.jpg… leaving a blue canvas behind.img_3289.jpgCara swaps SPDs for Crocs. Light and comfy, they’re ideal to pack in your panniers.img_3354.jpgLittle baby mussels were clinging to the rocks. Ah, Cornwall. Can’t beat it…img_3372.jpgWe hiked round the coast path for a bit.img_3377.jpgIn a sheltered beach below, a load of seals were basking on the sand, like fat, burpy slugs. Then it was time to ride to the station, and head home…


3 Responses to “Overnighter to Cornwall”

  1. 1 Freddie April 27, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    Just so you know…..the salmon pastry recipie is mine!!!

  2. 3 otbiking April 30, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    Hm, that’s not what Liv said.

    In fact, I seem to remember her saying she taught you everything you know in the kitchen (-;

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