Recycling Machine


The Surly LHT and BOB were back in Cargo Mode today, as we did a clearout in the house to take down to the recyclers. Makes you realise the ridiculous amount of packaging comes that with everything these days. We bungied everything on, courtesy of Bike Trailer Shop’s handy elasticated netting, and took some fun little urban shortcuts to the centre. We met BTS’s creator Josh at a bike show in Holland, who set up Bike Trailer Shop to cater for all things BOB, and were very inspired by his enthusiasm for using bikes and trailers as a transport solutions – have a look at his blogs here and here.

I’ve been enjoying the Surly of late; it’s been flitting from drops to flats to tourer to commuter. It’s a great rig, ideal for testing kit – Cycling Plus racks and panniers for upcoming issues at the moment. Even managed to (just) squeeze in some 2.1in 29er tyres (albeit unusually narrow Contis) the other day, with no toe overlap. Just this evening, it’s morphed again – WTB’s super-splayed Dirt Drop reissue bars, old Dura Ace bar end shifters and some well worn Brooks honey handlebar tape. Very nice.

On our travels round the city, we passed the old Audi garage on Cheltenham Road. It’s been empty and run down for a while, and at the moment, it’s been turned into a kind of renegade art gallery. Some interesting stuff has been painted on the windows.



The pics were taken on a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Pretty amazing they can cram a 3.2 meg camera in there… There’s exposure control, white balance, b&w, flash override, spot metering and an ant-sized one gig storage card. Not to mention an MP3 player with an EQ and inbuilt speaker. The talking bit works pretty well too (-:



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