Meet the Mendips

All things considered, we’re pretty lucky in Bristol when it comes to riding. Fifteen minutes ride from the front door unravel miles of lovely, hilly backroads. 20 minutes away Ashton Court and Leigh Woods promise a web of offroad action. A 50 minute car journey lie between us and the most excellent Quantocks (or half an hour to Taunton by train, then a six mile road ride), and it’s not much more to Cwm Carn in Wales. Last but not least is the gentle ripple of hills known as the Mendips, a tasty platter of small but succulent slices of singletrack.


With the sun beaming happily down, we headed out that way with the usual suspects. Conditions were a bit gloopy in places, resulting in some squirrely handling. Up at the trig point, the clear skies offered a fine panororama of views.


Cara was on a test bike – a Marin Alpine Trail and I gave On One’s Scandal an airing. With the carbon fork, it’s trimmed down to 24lbs or so (this fact is for the benefit of ‘doubter’ Pete, who refused to humour me by picking it up). Not too shabby for a big bike with Deore kit. Anyway, it certainly propels up the hills nicely, and (in the right hands, of course) is pretty tidy on the way down too (-;


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