Alternative Cwm Carn

Well, the trips are filling up nicely. Our new Sach Pass has received loads of interest, with some nice comments about the photos. Spiti is almost full, and Manali-Leh has a few places still. So, if you’re mulling things over, please get in touch soon.

This weekend, we met up with Trystan, who was over from the US to talk business with his boss at bicycle’s ‘haute couturier’ Rapha. As well as being the American arm of the operation, Trystan’s a font of cycling knowledge, and is currently building his own frames too. I’m on the list (-: We’ll get him on a trip to India someday – the last time we toured together was through Laos, Vietnam, China and Tibet, when I was riding back home through Asia.

As he’d lived in the UK before the dawn of the ‘trail centre‘, we headed over to Wales. With an Indepedent Fab ti road bike in the stable, Trystan shamefully hadn’t been mtb’ing for some time. So we thought it best to put him on a steel singlespeed. Make it fully rigid. Add freaky 29er wheels. Start the day off with a monster climb at Cwm Carn. And throw in an extra loop we’d recently worked out, to offer a natural flavour to the ride too.

As usual, the car park was heaving with shiny bikes of all shapes and sizes. We saw Simon, who’d just ridden a lap on his rather lovely Robin Mather 29er/tourer – I forgot to snap a pic, so hopefully he’ll send me one I can post. Conditions were perfect, so we quickly sunk our bicycle teeth (nay tyres) into the first round of fiddly singletrack climbs. Then we branched off for the bonus loop, which involved a) some double track and b) lots of extra up bits. Two things I knew that would upset Pete. But luckily he seemed content raving about his ridiculously bleached Giant Anthem 0. It flatters my riding, he commented, ever the humble, modest one. No Pete, you flatter the bike. High Five!


Here we are, enjoying the fine Welsh air.

And here’s Trystan, squeezing round those cranks. Ah, the joys of a solitary gear… I should point out that I’m fully responsible for the Adidas top he’s wearing.


Back in sophisticated Rapha mode. The bike’s a Kona 2-9 Unit by the way.


I’ve agreed to be Pete’s Mr Miyagi so he can reach peak fitness and kick Jonny and his mates ass’ at the Cobra Kai; in return he’ll be teaching me some of his skilz (drops and stuff). Here’s Daniel-san and CaraSmile ™ at the top of the climb.



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