Hijacking Billboards

Managed to get out to the woods today. I was worried it would still be pretty gloopy but luckily I bumped into Merida Mike and Tracy, who know them like the back of their hand. Ducking down one tight alleyway of singletrack after another, it proved to be a surprisingly mud free ride – I’ll never remember all those cheeky little cut-throughs but at least it will get me out exploring again.


On the way, I spotted this bit of inventive billboard hijacking.


It’s from a benefit fraud ad campaign. Here’s the original.


In fact, Bristol has a loads of cool stenciling lurking on street corners, or even on boat hulls – some of which is done by street artist Bansky. Stencil’s make a lot of sense. Rather than hurrying out some rubblish graffiti, it only takes a minute toget a message across, and it still looks good too.


I was out on the Voodoo singlespeed today. It’s borrowing the On One’s steel fork, which keeps handling real tight, thanks to its bigger fork offset. Maybe even a bit too tight for this frame, as the head angle is pretty sharp and the top tube isn’t the longest. It does help out on toe overlap issues though.


Speaking of graffiti, our old van seems to be too temping a blank canvas for some people to resist expressing themselves. But if they’re going to mess it up, I wish they’d be a bit more artistic. I wouldn’t mind some nice Banksy stencils…


By the time I was back home, it was raining again )-:



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