The coolest box of chocolates in the world…ever.

A parcel arrived from Justine’s Austrian in-laws, and in it were various gifts for the family, most of them edible.

When I was young, I used to prefer big presents. On average, they tended to be better. Although I’m wiser now, this one wasn’t much bigger than a 2p coin, so I was initially a little suspicious…


At first glance, merely a pretty cardboard box, measuring just 5x5cm. Not so big. But appearances can be deceiving…


….for clearly the magical fingers of elves had been at work.


It was like a prop from Alice in Wonderland. Packed in a colourful and varied display, each miniature, perfectly crafted chocolate delight promised its own taste sensation…


Delicious. Now I can say I’ve eaten a whole box of chocolates in just a handful of seconds (-:


3 Responses to “The coolest box of chocolates in the world…ever.”

  1. 1 ro December 29, 2006 at 7:59 pm

    hi cass!

    joannie just showed me latest entries in your blog.
    how cool pictures you’ve put.
    now i find those chocolate boxes amazing myself even i ve known them for years from old vienna.
    thank you bye the way for the beautiful picture and frame.
    justine and i love it and we will soon happily put it onto the mantlepiece.
    it’s a shame we came out to late this year to meet you.
    i think justine just discovered she hadn’t had your actual phonenumber but now she got it right from holly.

    as far i know she wanted to ask you about a wishlist at one point but then we decided to go by chance. we hope you like it however it isnot not so big as you always liked pressies to be as a child.

    merry christmas and lots of love
    your brother in law

  2. 2 Eva & Rudy Breier January 20, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    Dear Cass,

    these are Roman’s (Your brother in law!) parents Eva and Rudy. Congratulations to Your wonderful and very interesting website! We’ll visit Your site very often and we wish You the best and all success for Your adventure-trips!
    Many thanks for publishing our little Christmas-present in Your blog. It’s very amusing but we can imagine, that this would be a lot of hard work! Now we are fully stretched to find a good idea for next Christmas!

    Best regards from Vienna and don’t forget, that You announced to come to our region!
    Eva & Rudy

  3. 3 otbiking January 23, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    Hi Eva, Rudy and Roman,
    Thank you for the lovely chocolates! I look forward to visiting Vienna in the not-too-distant future (-:
    All the best,

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