Reunion Ride 2007

A few people have got back to us about the idea of a reunion ride one weekend. We thought one of the mtb enduro events would be ideal. What’s more, they’re great for anyone coming with us this year too, as they’re a way to gauge what’s it’s like to sit in a saddle all day. The atmosphere is superb; they’re not competitive but tough enough for a real sense of accomplishment.

Held on May 6, the Howies Difi Enduro is a highlight in the calender. The 2007 website has yet to be posted, but it should where the 2006 one is. Last year, the sun even shone all day, a little miracle in this part of Mid Wales. But to those of you who enjoyed the full deluge of the monsoon rain halfway up Rohtang Pass, what’s a few drops of rain amongst friends?!

The ride is set in the forests around Machynlleth, which is a great place to visit in itself – there’s the Centre of Alternative Technology just down the road, teepees dotted about the valley, and a really upbeat atmosphere when it comes to bikes. If you’re not into mountain biking, there’s some superb road riding in the area too – Sustrans Route 8 is a cracker.


The Holey Trail is our favourite bike shop. Jon runs it (we’re working on getting him out to India some time) and Annie works there – she joined us on Manali-Leh in 2005.

The riding is ace. Proper mtb’ing, so you’ll need a suspension fork for this one (-: Some big long climbs and some singletrack blasts back down again. Every year there’s a band to serenade your arrival at the top of the first monster climb. Last year it was a steel band. Very cool.


I only took a few pics at the beginning of the ride, as I was just enjoying myself way too much to want to stop.


CaraSmile TM. Note pre-ride cleanliness.


Post-ride Cass. Comfortably muddy.


Please jot your name down below or send us an email is you fancy the idea. As enduros go, this is a smaller event so we should probably get the entries in sooner rather than later. We could book a room or two in the bike-friendly bunkhouse.


5 Responses to “Reunion Ride 2007”

  1. 1 Andrew Clark December 29, 2006 at 9:57 pm

    Hi Cass, I’m hoping to come on Manali-Leh later this year, but are you expecting me to be fit enough to do an Enduro ???

    I’m a bimbling tourist, I’ve been to the Alps, Pyrenees, Norway, Iceland etc and can ride all day with a full load, but I’m not fast! Tail end charlie would be a good description (2 stone over my fighting weight as well at present! Got to lose that sharpish!)

    Hoping I’m not going to be the only Hippo in a pride of Cheetahs.. 😦

    Will try to email you in the week to bottom things out.


  2. 2 otbiking December 29, 2006 at 11:43 pm

    Hi Andrew,

    Before I discovered the muddy joys of mountain biking, I was very much a 4 panniers and bar bag kind of man. So fear not, speedy riding has never been a priority… (-:

    Will tell you more about the *new* bits on Manali-Leh when we speak,


  3. 3 Neil February 7, 2007 at 10:53 am

    Yep, all thing being equal I”ll be there!

    Amazing pictures above Cass, not the scenery merely you wearing sommething other than the black Endura shirt! – toward the end of the trek we did start to wonder if it was indeed a shirt or wether the ‘Endura’ was simple a birth mark above your left nipple !

    Like the Carasmile TM !!



    PS was the jpeg I sent you good enough?

  4. 4 otbiking February 18, 2007 at 1:45 am

    Hey, be kind, that Enduro top is still going strong, and it’s been back to India since! Who knows, I might even bring it out to Wales (washed, of course). Besides, I thought the whole idea of black T shirts is that they don’t get dirty?!

    Thanks for the jpg – should be great, if not maybe I can get the neg and they can scan it at a higher res. No rush though, as the feature has been pushed back a bit.

    We’re hoping to ride there, with BOBs, from Bristol…

  1. 1 Back from Tunisia « out there biking: the blog Trackback on March 21, 2007 at 8:20 am

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