The Indian Barbering Experience

As hair was starting to sprout through the vents of my bike helmet, Cara took the shears out last night and went to work at my Spitian-grown dreads… What resembles the remains of a fairly sizeable roadkill is now stuffed into the bathroom bin.

So I’m back to *normal* – all I could do with is a close shave from an Indian barber. I think I’d skip the extras though. As well as the usual nose hair trimming and eyebrow plucking, the last barber I went to offered to squeeze my pimples (no thanks, I’ll do that in private, not surrounded by a crowd of onlookers). I also resisted the lure of a head massage as I’d tried one before. First my head was slapped about like a basketballer dribbling a ball, then my eyes were pushed into their sockets, Vulcan-style. Never again…

Unruly hair

But visiting a local barber is one of the ‘must-do’ activities in India. Go ferrel, leave your washkit behind, then look forward to some TLC when you’re back in Manali. Here’s Duncan, enjoying a face massage with industrial strength skin products:


Freddy was looking unusually nervous as the pre-pubesent teen loaded up the cut-throat razor with a new blade. He was worried about his insurance: ok for mountain biking and snowboarding, but would it cover ‘extreme shaving’?


Still, they both came out looking new and shiny, and ten years younger:



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