Unfeasibly Steep

Deep in the gorge, Chicham

Some thoughts about off-road, off-beat touring:

As our own riding interests have broadened, so too has the riding style of our tours. We still love *classic* touring along quiet backroads and empty dirt tracks. A life’s possessions pared down to a couple of panniers. Wandering through one village after the next, wrestling with the odd Tata transport truck and waving to crazy bus drivers. Sponging up a thousand sights and sounds; the deep sleep savoured after a long day on the road.

But more and more, we’re also getting a kick from riding the kind of tracks and trails for which you need a dedicated mountain bike and a decent set of knobblies. In Northern India, there’s a vast network of goat and donkey paths, much of which is rideable. We’ll admit that it can take a bit of effort to get to them and nail them – maybe they’re a bit rocky and gnarly, or bean-pole narrow and loose. Sometimes it’s a case of shouldering the bikes to hike out of a ravine at the end… Or, as we call this trail on our Spiti Epic trip, (see pic below) they’re just Unfeasibly Steep.

What we can promise you is that there’s nothing like them to infuse a real pioneering spirit to riding them in this part of the world. We’re working on some trips that involve Yak-support – real, live, hairy ones, not the model of Bob trailers – just so we can get to these kind of places.

At the end of the day, what we love about bikes of all ilks is how they get you to the true back of beyond; the real backcountry of the Indian Himalayas. Whether you like touring independently or fancy joining us in a group, there’s some wonderful places waiting to be explored.

Unfeasibly Steep


Incidentally, if you like the idea of plummeting in altitude very, very quickly, then go and ride in the Sierra Nevadas, Spain, with the appropriately named Switchbacks. White knuckled riding that’s guaranteed to improve your riding…


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